【Rental Villa / Cottage in Tokyo】Neighborhood locations of the movie “PERFECT DAYS”

Have you ever visited the old town area of Tokyo? In areas such as Asakusa, Ryogoku, and Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, you can experience actual Edo culture.

These areas were used as the filming locations for the movie “PERFECT DAYS” by Wim Wenders, for which Koji Yakusho won the Best Actor Award at The Cannes Film Festival in 2023 for his role as the main character, Hirayama.

Visiting the filming locations, why not think of the life of the main character, Hirayama?

  1. The apartment where Hirayama lives
  2. Koto Tenso Shrine
  3. Public bath “Denki-Yu”
  4. Sakura-bashi Bridge
  5. Asakusa Fried noodles “Fuku-chan”
  6. Laundromat “Sakura-Yu”
  7. Bookstore “Chikyudo”
  8. Kurenainohi Novu

The apartment where Hirayama lives


The two-story apartment on the west side of Koto Tenso Shrine where Hirayama, a toilet cleaner, lives.
With the scenery time seems to have stopped, and as if he is still living there.

Koto Tenso Shrine



Every morning Hirayama wakes up to the sound of sweeping at the nearby Koto Tenso Shrine.
The shrine also enshrines Fukurokuju, one of Kameido’s seven gods of good fortune.

Koto Tenso Shrine
3-38-35 Kameido Koto-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Public bath “Denki-Yu”

After work, Hirayama rides his bicycle to this public bath and enjoys his bath as the first customer of the day.

3-10-10 Kyojima Sumida-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Sakura-bashi Bridge



The only pedestrian-only bridge on Sumida River with a distinctive X shape.
Hirayama passes by this bridge every day, and it is a memorable place that shows up many times in the movie.

Sakura-bashi Bridge
5-1-1 Mukoujima Sumida-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Asakusa Fried noodles “Fuku-chan”


Izakaya Fuku-chan in Asakusa, where Hirayama stops by on his way home from the public bath. It has a nostalgic atmosphere in the Asakusa underground shopping mall, the oldest underground shopping mall in Japan.
Fried noodles ”Yakisoba” is only 400 yen! One of the reasons why Hirayama likes here is that it is not so crowded, making it a quiet place to enjoy a meal.

1-1-12 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Laundromat ”Sakura-Yu”


The laundromat where Hirayama goes on his days off. It is located near the public bath Sakura-yu.

Laundromat ”Sakura-Yu”
4-6 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Bookstore “Chikyudo”


The secondhand bookstore Chikyudo is located on Denboin Street in Asakusa, where Hirayama goes on his days off.

1-39-9 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

Kurenainohi Novu


Izakaya “Novu” is a place where Hirayama only visits on his days off.
This place is actually more of a bistro where you can taste French cuisine than Izakaya.

Kurenainohi Novu
4-16-4 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo>Google Maps

The Tokyo Toilet
About Tokyo public toilet where the film is set

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