About Vacation rental

 What is vacation rental?

Vacation rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or resort-condominium on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. More information >> About

What is the difference between vacation rental and hotel?

Not like a hotel or Ryokan, Japanese hotel, our staff is not resident in each accommodation. So please feel and relax as if your are at home. Most of the STAYCATION’s accommodation is real state property, so for renting, please be agree with our Terms and Conditions.

In STACATION SPORTS and in ILIKAI Hawaii, there is local staff.

Booking and Staying

How to stay?

Book and pay on the STAYCATION web site, we will inform you the Dash borad page. There, you can check your booking detail and find detailed information for your check-in. For someone who book without membership registration, we will send booking detail as well.

Is there any regulation to stay in STAYCATION’s accommordation?

Please understand and be agree with the Terms and Conditions of STAYCATION before you book. Also, due to Japanese law, we can not make an agreement with minor, the person less than 20.

Is it possible to stay in the house with more than “ the preferable number of guests”?

Please consult us from Inquiry.

Can I stay in one of weekly rented accommordation by one day?

We are afraid but we do not accept it.

Do we have to stay in the accommordation whole time of the renting?

You can arrive anytime after the time of check-in and leave anytime before that of check-out. The pricing is same.

When is the booking starts?

Depending on the accommodation, the dates are different. Please check on the each accommodation page.

Can I change the check-in/check-out time?

We are afraid but we can not change the time, because of cleaning and preparing. However, the some of the accommodation accept early check-in and late check-out with extra charge. Please make a contact > Inquiry.

Can I stay with my pet?

We have some pet-friendly house. Please check the each accommodation page. In that case, we ask you to agree with “Pet stay agreement” and to prof of vaccination.

What is the benefit of membership registration?

For STAYCATION member, we prepare the dash bord. There, you can easily manage your booking, and make a contact with our staff.

Please tell me about cancellation policy?

Depending on the accommodation, the cancellation policy is different. Please check each accommodation page.


Please tell me about payment methods.

Credit card only (bullet payment) . Accepted credit card:VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, Diners.

What is deposit?

Most of STAYCATION’s accommodation is real estate property, In addition to the fee, the Lessee will need to submit a repair deposit or credit card number registration. The repair deposit and the penalty are regularly 50,000 yen, but there are exceptions according to the plan.

Can you issue the bill of receipt?

Yes, please mention in the “notice” box, when you are booking.


Can I rent my vacation house/apartment in STAYCATION ?

Yes off course! Please check the For owner page, and make a contact with us.

Can I use the accommodation as a shooting studio.

Some of the accommodation accept the photo/film shooting. Please check the Press page

Can I introduce STAYCATION in the magazine/Web site?

Thank you for your interests. Please make a contact from Inquiry.

Business hour

Contact desk:10:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri)

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