We are looking for a vacation home owner who are considering renting it out.


Maintaining vacation home

x Attracting customers


Your precious vacation home can be a profitable property by renting it out when it is not personally used.


● You haven’t been there for a while

● You inherited vacation home but you have no idea what to do with it

● You want to cover the maintenance cost of your favorite vacation home by renting it out


Start making a profit by renting out your vacation home when it is vacant.


Features of our service


Only 3 steps to get your property listed


FAQ for vacation home owner

Am I charged for any listing fee?

No listing fee or any other initial fee is required and you will not be charge for any of it.

Is there any specific condition for property to get listed?

Only properties registered as private lodging or hotel(Ryoka) business can be listed. However condition and restriction may vary depending on area of the location or type of property. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Can you register my property as private lodging on my behalf?

Yes, we can apply for the registration on behalf of the owner with no extra fee. Only cost owners need to pay is the actual cost of registration. It enables all vacation home owners to start private lodging business with very low initial cost.

What can STAYCATION serve us with?

From registration of your property on your behalf to over all operation to run your private lodging business (attracting customers, public relation, communication via email, guest relation, reservation management, fee collection, property insurance), you can count on us. We can also support you to promote your property to get listed and receive reservation on other sales channel such as Airbnb or Booking.com.

Would you be able to manage my vacation rentals under a consignment contract?

Our management service under a consignment contract is only available for the properties located in Shonan area.
For properties located in other area, management option may be applicable. Please contact us for more details.

Can I stay at my own vacation home while it is still being listed for rental?

Yes, you can stay at your own vacation home whenever you like. It’s the unique way of “maintaining your precious vacation home” by renting it out when it is vacant.

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