Recruitment of owners who are thinking of operating a villa.


STAYCATION is a booking service for vacation house rentals.

STAYCATION began under the brand “Nowhere resort” with our own properties in the Shonan area over 10 years ago. Now our company helps homeowners rent their own assets througho­­ut Japan by providing assistance with “Minpaku” legislation compliance, local licensing and reservations services. Our expertise makes renting easy for you. Get more from your vacation home investment with STAYCATION!


Owners rent through us to


  • Save time and reduce risk
  • Raise occupancy rates
  • Control costs and increase profits

Rentals made easy!




Frequent Owner Questions

How much does it cost to register?

It’s FREE!

What information is needed for my STAYCATION owner program application?

Our online form will guide you through all the data needed to properly list your property. This will include the complete address, photos, furnishings and special features as well as your specific house rules.

What are the conditions for listing my property with STAYCATION?

All listings must conform with the Minpaku or Hotel and Ryokan Management Laws.

Can I outsource Minpaku registration to STAYCATION?

Yes, this is our business. Click “Contact Us” to learn more about this service.

Why is STAYCATION different from other vacation rental sites?

STAYCATION manages guest relations for you, so you get the benefit of our years of experience working in the Japan vacation rental market.

What services does STAYCATION provide?

STAYCATION provides an end-to-end reservation system for your vacation house, including inquiry response, booking, payment, guest communications and issue management. We also operate 24-hour guest assistance and emergency response.

Are cleaning and maintenance services provided?

No. Owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe and well-maintained. Owners are requested to arrange housekeeping services before guest check-in and after guest check-out.

Can I stay my vacation house for private use under contract with STAYCATION?

Of couse! You can use whenever you want.

Does STAYCATION provider buyer consultation services?

Yes, these services are specific to compliance with laws and regulations for boarding houses and accommodations, not to be confused with real estate services. Click “Contact Us” for advice and guidance if you are looking into purchasing a new vacation rental property.

What are STAYCATION’s service fees? How much can I expect my property to earn?

STAYCATION will consult with you to set rental rates that are competitive with similar properties and profitable for you. STAYCATION receives a commission on rentals, and this amount is agreed with you in our contract.

Does STAYCATION guarantee occupancy rates?

Occupancy is determined by factors often outside the control of both the owner and STAYCATION, so occupancy rates are never specified in STAYCATION contracts.


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