Representations based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

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Kenji Ohta


#HA71,Kikkoshin,Hanegi,Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Zipcode : 156-0042

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Main Number: +81-(0)3-6379-7591 / FAX Number: +81-(0)3-6379-8113

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Weekdays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Sales Price

Displayed for each property

Timing of Payment of the Price, Method of Payment

Payment of the price is required at the time of applying to reserve each property.
If any provision different from this should apply, it shall be displayed on the explanation page of each property.
The method of payment shall be the method displayed on reservation/booking page of each property.
A security deposit may be required depending on the property, in which case it shall be displayed on each property page.

Deadline to Make a Reservation

The deadline to make a reservation shall be the deadline specified for each property.
The deadline shall be displayed on the explanation page of each property.
Please understand that if payment is not made by the deadline, it shall be automatically canceled.
In addition, since the product handled in this service is real estate based on a real estate rental agreement,in addition to payment of the usage fee, it shall be necessary to agree to the Terms and Conditions or a real estate lease agreement before the date of use.

Timing of the Delivery of the Product, etc.

The timing of the start of use of the property by the customer shall be from the start date of the rental reserved by the customer after confirmation of full payment of the price.

Required Fees other than the Product Fee (Rent) for the Property
  1. Transfer Fee: Only if bank transfer is used, the customer shall pay.
  2. Utility Costs: Only if the prescribed amount is exceeded, it shall be collected.
  3. Security Deposit: Depending on the property, a security deposit may be required (for details, see the explanation in the next section).
  4. Option Fee: If an option is to be used, it shall require the prescribed fee.
Security Deposit

In addition to usage fees, we reserve the right to request a separate security deposit. In that case, it shall be displayed on each property page.
The security deposit that was provided shall be refunded in full unless it is applied to other expenses to be paid by the customer based on the usage agreement.
This security deposit shall be refunded to the customer at the end of the month following the month of use in accordance with the terms and conditions upon confirming that after use by the customer, such use was normal use, the security deposit does not need to be applied to any debt of the customer, and there is no breach by the customer of the terms and conditions or other contract violation.
The transfer (remittance) fee at the time of refund shall be paid by our company only if it is a domestic financial institution.
(In the case of refunds being made to a foreign financial institution and being made overseas, the transfer (remittance) fee shall be paid by the customer)

Special Provisions about Cancellations

The cancellation policy of each property is displayed on the explanation page for that property.
In addition, it may also be confirmed in the cancellation policy section of the usage guide.

Changing the Planned Date of Use

The predetermined cancellation fee shall be collected for any changes to the planned date of use after the date on which a cancellation fee has been incurred.

Early Cancellation

No settling of a refund shall be made for any reason during the term of use if the use is suspended at the convenience of the customer.
However, due to the facility being located by the sea, if there are any dangers forecasted such as a typhoon or tidal wave (tsunami), taking into account the safety of the customer, if our company requests that the building be vacated, a refund shall be provided of the usage fee on a per diem basis for the period of time the building is requested to be vacated.

If our company makes any additional requests to the above-listed matters for the category of representations in accordance with the “Act on Specified Commercial Transactions”, we will provide written notice or an e-mail that describes these matters without delay. Point of Contact:
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