Privacy Policy

STAYCATION is being managed by STAYCATION Inc.We take your privacy very seriously and strive to protect your personal information in every way possible.

  1. Personal information we collect. We collect your personal information in order for you to be able to use our facilities and services along with other legal requirements.
  2. Using Personal Information. In order to enjoy some of our services offered we might share your personal information with our co-operative service provider companies. – For reservation administration and to provide services you request. ( For some services, such as optional tour, we might share your personal information with our business partners. ) – To provide you with events and/or business information. – To ask you to fill in questionnaires to improve services. – In cases we receive your permission.
  3. Providing information to a third party We will not provide your information to a third party without your consent except in the case of necessity or a requirement by law.
  4. Protecting Personal Information STAYCATION will keep your personal information under strict control and take appropriate measures to protect personal information collected against unauthorized access, destruction, alteration, disclosure or loss.We ensure to control all personal information by directing and supervising our staff.
  5. About our website STAYCATION website uses a highly confidential cipher communication technique called SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) to send/receive your personal information and credit card details you input through the Internet. Keeping your personal information safe is accomplished by enciphering the input data and sent data as well as preventing alteration of outgoing data from us. Please feel safe to use our website knowing your information is well secured.
  6. Policy Modifications We may modify this policy time to time when legality changes are needed.
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