Rental vacation house and villas to enjoy both living and leisure.

STAYCATION, a coined word from the combination of STAY and VACATION, is a style of vacation in which one spends time relaxing at a nearby vacation home or hotel.


We started our service in 2008 from a room in a seaside condominium in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture.
A little trip to somewhere not here.
A place where you can easily go with a right distance from your daily life.
It is not a pretentious trip, but you can spend as a part of your daily life.
We have started a service that allows you to rent a villa as an accommodation in the hope that many people in Japan will be able to realize “Vacation like you live”.


We now list about 180 facilities, mainly rental villas and cottages, located throughout Japan.
These facilities include villas in popular resort areas such as Karuizawa and Niseko, cottages on the plateau, and large facilities renovated from former recreation facilities, all of which are available for private use, limited to one group per day.


Since it is contactless from check-in to check-out (except for some facilities), you will not see anyone during your stay and can enjoy a completely private time.


The concept of our service is “Non-owner vacation house”.
We offer special accommodation that anyone can use casually.
The best vacation houses are waiting for you to be your second home.




What STAYCATION serves and its features

      1. Guest service you can rely on
        Our own staff is available to help you with your reservation and any questions you have. Also, our call center is accepting your call 24/7 for those who make a reservation with us. You can safely enjoy your stay with no stress.
      2. All the reservation is exclusive to one party per day
        When you rent any of our accommodation, it is all rent out exclusively to you and your guests. You can enjoy your private time completely without seeing anyone else during your stay.
      3. Rent as you need
        We don’t require any membership fee or registration fee at all. You can use our service whenever you want to.



A million ways to enjoy.

The purpose to rent a vacation house is totally up to you and there are a million ways to enjoy it in your own unique style.
Not only for your regular vacation, but also can be used for an anniversary, for wedding, for mobile work or workation, or just to experience short stay in your dream place to live.


ーFor your anniversaryー

For your special anniversary, how about celebrating it with your family

and friends at vacation house?

Book one of our ocean view properties or a house with BBQ area

and enjoy your unforgettable moments.

ー For Wedding ー

Your special day with love of your life.

You can create your own special space for you and your love one,

and make it like your own home to invite your family and friends.

You can even stay and relax after your wedding like a honeymoon.

That’s the way to have your wedding at vacation house exclusively

rented to you!

ー To experience short stay in your dream place to live ー

“I want to live that place”,

“I want to live in that house”

“I want to go somewhere special for my summer break”

Have you ever thought like that?

You can make your dream come true by renting vacation house we offer.

All of the accommodation listed in our service are fully equipped

and provide with basic amenities for your long term stay

ー For mobile work or workation ー

How about some changes in your mobile work environment?

You can even go on workation by rent vacation house we offer.

No need to worry about being distracted during your web conference

or online meeting by noise.

And no limits for the activities during your break time or after

your work hours.Take a walk by the beach, go on a hike, take a bath

in a hot spring, or eat delicious local foods to freshen up yourself!

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