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Sanja Matsuri is 3-day festival held in Asakusa, Tokyo, in the third week of May every year.

Sanja Matsuri is the Reitaisai of Asakusa Shrine which means the most important ceremonial festival at the shrine. During the festival, the entire town of Asakusa, centering on the shrine, is filled with festive fervor, giving the town an even more traditional Edo-style atmosphere than usual.

2024 Sanja Matsuri Main Schedule & Events

May 17
13:00- Grand Procession through the streets of Asakusa with many traditional characters
14:00- Dedication of “Binzasara Mai”, an intangible cultural asset

May 18
12:00- about 100 Town Mikoshi Alliance Procession

May 19
6:30- Asakusa Shrine Mikoshi Town Procession
20:00- The Mikoshi returns to the main shrine and the festival ends

Details of the Sanja Matsuri Schedule

How to get to the Sanja Matsuri

The venue is Asakusa Shrine and the surrounding area.
7-minute walk from Asakusa Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Subway Asakusa Line and Tobu Line.
10-minute walk from Asakusa Station on Tsukuba Express.
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Highlights of the Sanja Matsuri

The festival is held over three days, with highlights each day.

  • May 17
    The “Grand Procession” of people dressed in traditional costumes and accompanied by Ohayashi (musical cue), marks the beginning of the festival in a spectacular manner.
    The “Binzasara mai” is designated as an intangible cultural asset and you can only see at Sanja Matsuri. It is dedicated in the worship hall and the kagura hall.
  • May 18
    About 100 Town Mikoshi Alliance Procession, which have been riturally purified at Asakusa Shrine, set off through the shrine’s gate and parade around through road. During the procession, check out the powerful movement called “Tamafuri,” which the participants carrying Mikoshi shake them up, down, left,and right.
  • May 19
    Three Mikoshi of Asakusa Shrine tour around the surrounding towns and the festival reaches its climax.
    These three Mikoshi are significantly larger than town Mikoshi on the second day. After tour around, three Mikoshi return to Asakusa Shrine.

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