Sharing your vacation house, earn extra money.

It is said that an owner use his vacation house only 50 days a year.
The rest of the days, more than 300 days, these vacation house are empty.
So, why not making the effective use of this space time of your vacation house with STAYCATION?
Sharing these time, you can save a part of money to keep your vacation house.

Sharing System

STAYCATION will rent your vacation house by each booking, and rent it to the guests.


  • You can make the effective use of spare time of your vacation house
  • STAYCATION will be in charge of booking management and charging the payment
  • You can use your vacation house as usual
  • We will support your sharing with our produce technique (Nowhere resort)

How to start?

Contact → Visiting the house/Meeting → Contract → Produce by STAYCATION → Open!

For Owners / FAQ

What is Vacation rental?

A vacation rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or resort-condominium on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel.
More information » about STAYCATION

What is the difference between STAYCATION and other vacation rental services.

In STAYCATION, using our experience of Nowhere resort management, our vacation rental series, we will help from various aspects-producing, booking management, and payment.
In general vacation rental services, the guests will contact to owners directly. However, in STAYCATION, we will taking care of customer care. By any chance, when you get into a trouble with the guest, we will be in charge of solving the problem.

Who will clean or prepare the house?

In principle, we will ask each owner to organize cleaning and prepairing. However, to set up the cleaning operation or team making, we will support you.

Can I use my vacation house after making listing the house in the site?

Yes, off course! Only during the spare time, we will rent the house.

Who and What kinds of house is suitable for STAYCATION?

For someone who wants to make effective use of the spare time, enjoying the holiday in your vacation house.

I am considering vacation house in Japan, considering to rent it in STAYCATION service. Can you give any advise?

Off course! Someone who wants to have a vacation house in Japan, we will support it from the very beginning!

Do I need any material before consult?

Address、Room layout、Photo、Age of the house、Size、Strength/charm of the house (e.g. Pool/by the seaside/hot spiring…etc)、Name of owner、E-mail、Phone number

Is there any rules for renting span?

Depending on the character of local, operational condition, we will decide the renting span with each owner.

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