Traditional Japanese vacation house in Hayama

Shonan|Nowhere but Hayama

Traditional Japanese vacation house in Hayama

Shonan|Nowhere but Hayama


[Address] Isshiki, Hayama-Cho, Kanagawa

[Check-in & Check-out]Check-in : Fri. 16:00 - Check-out: Thur. 12:00 

[Lending period] weekly, starting from Fri. to Thurs. / Booking starts 1 years before.

[Room layout] 35㎡ Japanese Style Room, Kitchen, Dining room, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Garden

[Number of guests] up to 4 guests 


[About reservations]
To book Nowhere resort houses, after we have received the booking request, we will check the availability and inform you the payment detail.

This accomordation can be used not only as a vacation house but also for the space for some house wedding and shooting. The renting fee is different for these pourpose. So please contact us.

Price detail

[Renting fee]

-Rate:from 269,000(JPY)/week

 * Depending on the season, the renting fee will be changing.

 * additional administration cost (8%)

 * tax & utility bills included


[Cancellation Policy]

-60-31 days prior to the scheduled date of use 30% of the full amount of the rent 

-31-21 days prior to the scheduled date of use 50% of the full amount of the rent

-21-11 days prior to the scheduled date of use 70% of the full amount of the rent

-10-1 days prior to the scheduled date of use 80% of the full amount of the rent

-The scheduled date to the scheduled date of use 100% of the full amount of the rent.


*Please pay any transfer fees, when you pay through a bank transfer.

(In the case of a refund to a foreign financial institution and overseas, the transfer (remittance) fee shall be paid by the guests.)


[Security Deposit]

50,000 (JPY) / rent

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the security deposit is required. Without having any damage or loss of appointments in the accommodation, the deposit will be refunded. 


[Equipment] WiFi, Speaker

[Parking lot] 2 cars

[Japanese room]
Low table, Chair seat, TV, Cabinet, Antique furniture
[Dining kitchen]
Refrigerator, IH cooking stove, Dishwasher, Oven Range, Toaster oven, Rice cooker, Coffee maker, Electric kettle, Tableware (dishes, cereal bowl, glass, mug, coffee cup, cutlery), Cookware (strainer, bowl, knife, cutting board, pot, ladle, detergent, etc.), Sundry goods (wine opener, scissors, coffee filters, garbage bags, such as cloth)
Japanese style bathtub, Jacuzzi, Bath towel and Face towel (2 for each guests), Bath mat, Hair dryer, Amenities (shampoo, rinse, body soap, toothbrush)

※ 2 sets of towels will be prepared for each person. Please use the washing machine during your stay.

Hammock, Armchair
[Utility room]
With washer-dryer (with detergent), Clothes drying place
※ There is no seasoning. Also, if you finish up the consumable goods, such as the tissue, please fill up by yourself, as much as you need.

House rule

Only those who you have applied at the time of booking will be allowed to stay in each accommodation. 

You may not smoke. 

You may not use fire on the premises (fire works, candle, etc).

You may not make lots of noise. We appreciate your concern for the neighborhood.

You may not ware your shose while you are in the room.


In case you did not comply with our house rules,
the agreement shall be cancelled, and the lessee shall terminate the lease of the property and vacate the property immediately. We will not refunded any of the fees received, and also will demand a penalty fee to your credit card or security deposit.



Nowhere but Hayama, originally built 100 years ago. It is next to the Hayama Goyo-tei, the vacation house for the Japanese royal family.
Only 20 seconds to the the Issiki beach. We prepare a Jacuzzi with ocean view at the balcony on the 2nd floor.

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